New Resolutions to get hung up on

Gracious me, I’m sorry that this blog is a bit late, but I’ve been busy cleaning my room.

You know I take great joy in my time spent in my lovely home, and tend my beautiful rooms with care – mostly. But there is a dark side to my homebody ways. There’s a shameful room based hierarchy.

There's a chair under there...
There’s a chair under there…

Yes, some rooms have been elevated above others. I didn’t mean anything by it, it just kinda happened.

I spend a lot of time on my main floor. I fawn over my newly renovated kitchen. I dote on my library. I turn to my living room when I need to relax. I spend all my free time in my art room.

My bedroom gets short shrift. I leave it in the morning for my kitchen and a happy cup of joe, and only return when I’ve had my full of wakefulness and craftiness and general homey delights. I drag myself upstairs with tired resignation, abandon my clothes on my bedside chair, fall into bed, and snore until dawn.

2014-08-11-22-32-11As the days pass my room begins to look neglected and sad. By the end of a week my bedside chair is barely holding up under the weight of clothes 43 inches deep and I’m forced to wear my third best black cardigan because cardis #1 and #2 are lost in the rubble.

But no more! I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and hang up my clothes. I want to spend quality time in my bedroom, undistracted by my routine Saturday hunt for the silk blouse with the little pink rosebuds on it. I want to have access to the right cardigan at the right time. I want to sit in that arm chair and think.

This is it. 2017 is the year I take control of my bedroom. Wish me luck.