What Doesn’t Kill you…

I am slowly coming to grips with some of the basics I will have to forgo living in the new house – temporarily all, thankfully, because otherwise I would have to reconsider the move entirely.

I now sit  on the floor packing my books, tearily saying ‘hasta luego, pablo’ ‘До скорой встречи, Федор’, ‘mi mancherai, Niccolò’, ‘attends-moi, Honoré’…sigh. B. assures me a library will be our first priority as soon as we are settled. Goodness I do hope we settle soon or I may end up with separation anxiety.

good books

I will have to say farewell to my Sunday mornings at Italian Centre Shop for a latte and a pastry. Where will I get seasonal fresh figs or truly good cannolis? This sad situation will only need be endured a few months, however, as a third Italian Centre Shop is opening in February just ten blocks north of the new house. I am certain I can survive, and if I cannot, I will send B to fetch cannolis for me.


The realtor allowed us back in one more time, pre-move, and we measured. The walk-in closet will suffice for my dresses, sweaters, pants and skirts, but will not hold my shoes. There is broom closet down the hall from the master bedroom that can be fitted with shelves and that may do, but I don’t know what I will do with my boots. I will have to be creative and find a place for them.

hoemless shoes

Still, though, I think the move is good. A few sacrifices aside. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

AND, I know, if i get a little melancholy in my book-cannoli-shoeless home I can just come here where you all understand and love me.

I Feel Better Already

Good news everyone! Me and B have a new home.

Now, before you all start checking your inboxes – I would love to have you all over to celebrate my happiness but please be patient as we have purchased a fixer-upper.

fixer upper

I know, I know, money wasn’t the object so why in goodness name would I ever consider buying a home that was less than perfect? It’s not like I’d ever buy clothes at an outlet mall, or buy last year’s technology to save a buck, right?

I haven’t really compromised my principles, B just helped me see the possibilities I could explore in a house I could really put my own stamp on.

For example:

Instead of inheriting a library built to hold the literary travesties of Danielle Steele and Dan Brown…


I can design and have built a library worthy of Dostoyevsky and Hemingway.


Instead of taking over someone’s tired old craft room still smelling of Stampin’ Up and hot glue guns…


I can create a place for paint and clay and belle arte.


Yes, it’s a fixer upper for me. I shall soon enter a world of hiring contractors and choosing hardwood, but I will survive and come out of it a better person with a better house to feel better about.