TGIF and a triple fat latte

I am sitting at my desk looking back on a day ruined by inattention to detail, and suddenly I think – why am I suffering alone? I have my blog and the people that love me!
I am so sorry to have neglected you all. I hope you can forgive me.
Why was my day ruined. Let me tell you…
This morning the girl at Starbucks made me a vente non-fat latte when I ASKED for a vente no-foam latte. Do I LOOK like I need to cut back on fat? Can you see through my Lulu’s? No. No you cannot, my little Lulu’s hardly have to stretch at all. NO, I do not need to cut back on my fat. I NEED MY FAT. I want my fat back.
I don’t even know how that happened, we go there EVERY morning. They should really recognize me and know my order by now.
OH, and one other thing. They asked for a name for the cup and look what they came up with. Really? When my darling said ‘Berni’, this is what they thought he was saying?
It’s the little details in life that count. Fat and Berni. They go together and make my mornings bearable.
Thank God it is Friday. If this were Monday it could have ruined my entire week.