To book a Job

Hark, the kitchen renovation is upon us. In hours of contemplation we sat, during which options were presented to us. Counters choices begat counter finishes, counter finishes begat hardware selections, and hardware selections begat backsplash options. We’ve decided. We have made our offerings to the kitchen designer.

As I prepare to endure my kitchen being laid to waste, mustering my strength to keep my eye looking forward to my just end reward, I feel a bit homelitic. I can find no evidence that anyone before me has written down the trials and tribulations of the path of the kitchen renovant. I feel this is a lapse in the canon I must rectify as part of my own journey.

Herein beginith the book of renovations:

Renovations 14:28 – For which of you, desiring to fix a kitchen, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether we have the revenue to pay for it?

Renovations 24:27 – Prepare your plumbing and electrical, get all up to code before installation of the cabinets, and after that set the counters.

Renovations 14:1-12 – The renovating woman vacates her kitchen, and with her own hands washes dishes.

Renovations 24:3 – By willpower a kitchen is built, and by contractors it is finished.

reno tile 1


What a pane

Well, wish me luck! I am taking one big step toward removing a window, one giant leap toward a total kitchen renovation.

You know what they say, short term pane for long term counter space.

We’re getting a new kitchen window; same width, less height. My plan is to run a counter under this newer, shorter window. Obviously we need the storage space for the china and the dishes, but I have a bigger vision.

my crocusesNext winter I shall pot all sorts of herbs and flowers, and grow them under this new window. This time next year I hope crocuses will be sitting in my sunny window next to the espresso machine. Imagine how much better life will be with year round access to fresh basil. I don’t know how I’ve managed to cook during the winter without access to fresh herbs. I have been making due with a sub-par cook area and sub par ingredients. I will be relieved when my kitchen helps rather than hinders my culinary experiments.

IMG_20160301_084619This is how the window looked this morning.

Note the dismal view of the neighbour’s house.

A properly placed rosemary bonsai will go a long way toward making my window gazing less dreary.

This is how the work progressed. Thank goodness the window guys didn’t block my access to my espresso machine or it could have been a much rougher morning.

IMG_20160301_091617  IMG_20160301_095516 (1)  IMG_20160301_095724  IMG_20160301_110213

It may be unattractive right now, but you know what they say – no pane, no new kitchen.

It’s done. Now there is no going back. No cancelling the cheque. This is my odyssey, my journey to a proper home and this was only my first trial. My next act will be to hold a long dinner party to celebrate and finally say good-bye to my forsaken kitchen.